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A collaborative music video about Corona regulations

in The Netherlands

Storyboard - Design - Illustration - Animation


'Antiviraal' a collaboration project between 15 creative agencies and freelancers to encourage the Dutch youth to follow the regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Song is written by GeestMC and the music produced by Toni Shift.

Every agency or freelancer recieved one piece of the song to animate, including me.

I wanted to include the Artist in the animated part, so these are the original sketches based on GeestMC

A rough Animatic to map out the motion and flow of the overall animated bit.

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 16.49.36.png

For this animation I created elements using Adobe Illustrator. I kept the color palette limited and colorful. I also exported these elements to use as stickers on social media for promotion.

The finished part created by Jay-Cee Klees

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