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Animation for a LED-cube that can be viewed from 4 angles.

Storyboard - Color script - Animation - Music


VITA NOVA is an animation about how a robot saves the world from an evil force. This animation was a submission for a contest hosted by PlanetArt for the Gogbot Festival. This animation was designed for a LED cube in Stationsplein Enschede and played on that cube after the Gogbot Festival.

Concept art for the characters. Since the LED cube is located on a skatepark, I added an element of skating in the animation. The two robot characters are based on actual sculptures from artist Jelle de Graaf that can be found in and around Enschede.

But VITA NOVA herself,was designed by me and loosely based on a seringe.

I based the bad guy on a virus since part of the theme of the competition was the fight against the pandemic of 2020.

Scan 5.jpeg
Scan 6.jpeg

The storyboard was structured around the idea of a Viewmaster. Retro toys where you need flick a switch to see trough a slideshow of images.

I imagine every side of the LED cube being a view to the story, looping all around the cube.

Screenshot 2020-11-27 at 17.49.49.png

Colorscript and rough design.

The final animation

The soundtrack I created for this animation.

There is no sound playing from the LED-cube but this is more so to aid the video experience on the web.

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